Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions from parents, please have a read through these before you contact us with a query as the answer may be below.

How do I sign up?

To register your interest in joining us email anna@muddybootsdevon.co.uk or call us 01237 420736

Is there a minimum attendance requirement?

In order to give children the best learning opportunities and the quickest settling in process we ask for a minimum of 2 days attendance per week.


Can I visit the Pre-school?

Before joining Muddy Boots, we encourage all parents to come and visit us by arrangement. Please email anna@muddybootsdevon.co.uk

How does the waiting list work?

Our waiting lists operate on a first-come, first-served basis with places allocated depending on the children who are leaving and the days requested/availability. We need to ensure that we have the correct number of two, three and four-year-olds in accordance of staff:child ratio's.


When do places come available?

 Our main intakes are  in September. From time to time places do open up mid-term and in these situations we will offer a place to the next child on the waiting list.

How do Government places work?

Your child is able to access 570 hours of free early education or childcare per year from the term after their third birthday. Muddy Boots offer this funding which is applied across the school term time and between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

What kit does my child need for outdoor play?

Muddy Boots suggested clothes list

· Ruck Sack 

· Woolly hat/sun hat 

· Gloves 

· Jacket/waterproof coat 

· Fleece/sweatshirt with long sleeves 

· Long trousers (& waterproof if possible) 

· Spare socks and trousers 

· Waterproof shoes/wellies/boots 

· A carrier bag for dirty/wet clothing

What do you do when it rains and is cold?

Play!! Remaining warm and dry is the most important element to create happiness and creative play regardless of the weather, we're strong believers in the ethos of dressing the children correctly to tackle most weather conditions. As long as children have good outdoor clothing, the weather conditions are safe and their hands are warm, they should not be distracted from happy play outdoors.

What about severe storms?

If the weather is assessed as being dangerous, our Forest School qualified practitioners will make a decision and return to our woodland cabin.

What happens in case of an accident?

We have policies and procedures we will follow incase of an accident. All our staff are paediatric first aid trained to a high level.

What about toileting?

We have a disabled toilet facility as well as child sized toilets within the cabin with child friendly hand washing facilities. We have a nappy changing area for the children that haven't quite mastered toilets. Toilet training will be encouraged at all times with advice from parents and carers. We ask parents to provide nappies and wipes accordingly.

Napping Children

For those children who are still sleeping during the day, children are able to have a nap in our cozy book corner.


Is there any parking available?

There are 8 parking spaces. There is secured access to the cabin is up some steps and along a short pathway through the woodland area.

Why don't you separate children into age groups like other nurseries

We believe that offering two to eight year olds the opportunity to play together rather than separating them into different age groups and ‘rooms’ offers the best opportunities for all age ranges. At Muddy Boots we feel that the benefits of mixing our ages provides the best opportunities for all the children. 

At Muddy Boots, we aim to create a ‘Muddy Boots family’ by mixing the ages, we allow for mutually beneficial relationships to be formed. Whether it be sharing a common interest in building or looking at books. An older child helping a younger child to find and out on their welly boots or a younger, less confident child the chance to learn from a more experienced child. We can help build emotional resilience by helping children to be tolerant of others. The older children often demonstrate thinking and physical skills when they care for others.


How we learn

We offer a variety of activities, all of which can be extended to allow for individual choice and stage of development. However we believe that as children are exposed to differing abilities and interests of others they can become involved in scaffolding play and learning for both themselves and for others. This really helps to provide a sense of community within Muddy Boots developing self-esteem, self-confidence. Our planning is based on children’s interest and our practitioners ensure that each child is working towards their ‘next step’ or becoming secure in an area of learning. 

How is the safety of my child safeguarded?

Safeguarding is of paramount importance to our staff. At Muddy Boots we operate a fully fenced sparse outdoor area that surrounds the cabin for guided forest school activity. There is also a double fenced primary secure outdoor area extending from the cabin where the children will always be supervised. We also take regular trips out through the private grounds of Chircombe House, to the private beach accessible from the site. Children are always within immediate line of sight and proximity to a staff member.

What do you feed my children?

We see a big part of our role in our children’s lives is to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. An essential element of this is providing nutritious, energy giving snacks. We request parents/carers supply healthy packed lunches. Breakfast and a light tea will be provided for before and after school club. We change our choices seasonally to allow us to enjoy the best ingredients available to us. At Muddy Boots we aim to produce a selection of our own fruit and vegetables on site in order to educate the children on sustainable eco living and the concept of 'field to plate'.

What about holiday clubs?

Holiday club is available for two to eight-year-olds. Priority booking is offered to nursery families. The provision runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays throughout all holidays excluding Christmas.

Have more questions? 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us here and we will be happy to help.