How we learn through Nature at Muddy Boots

Our Ethos: 

At Muddy Boots children are immersed and captivated in Nature in a full sensory experience that ignites their imaginations to flourish in awe and wonder.

The children are immersed in outdoor activities, influenced by Forest School and In the Moment Planning. 

 Our aim is to ignite their flourishing imaginations, promote and enhance a sense of awe and wonder. As they continue to blossom in their learning journey as skilled, curious little learners ready to face the world around them.

At Muddy Boots we adhere to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) concentrating on the three prime areas of development (Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language) As learning progresses these prime areas inform specific areas (Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design). We ensure that every day each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential in learning through play within these seven areas of the EYFs that we feel is age and stage appropriate to each individual child.

Children at Muddy Boots thrive in self-esteem and confidence providing them with tools to reach their full potential in learning in accordance with the Every Child Matters policy (2003)

Risk-Benefit management is a fundamental part of life at Muddy Boots and is a skill needed for young people’s safety and well-being. All our staff have a duty of care towards young people, however, this certainly does not mean ‘wrapping them in cotton wool’. Therefore we have a responsibility not only to keep young people safe but also to enable them to learn to manage risks for themselves.

Risk management is all about identifying and managing any significant chance of harm.

Risk assessment is paramount at Muddy Boot. Our standard operating procedures are to carry out Generic site and Activity/Experiences risk assessments daily — taking into account all the aspects of activities/experiences, including creative experiences, games and tool use this includes weather, wild factors and any changes noted on the day. This can include assessments on individuals attending the session.

Muddy Boots children are continually encouraged to conduct generic site risk assessments with their practitioners on arrival at the site and before entering the designated area.

Skilled practitioners perform ongoing dynamic risk assessments throughout the day — involving professional judgements during the session in response to changing situations.

​At Muddy Boots we aim to prepare the children for primary school by developing confidence, independence, self-motivation, curiosity and resilience. Ultimately, we hope the children leaving Muddy Boots will approach the next step in their education as happy, confident little learners helping them settle quickly through the transition process.